5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. All the fine details in Chanel’s newest ،liday launches

Seriously swooning over the patterns in the Lumière Graphique eyeshadow palette and the Les Symbols de Chanel highlighters! So beautiful.

2. Apple and carrot soup

My favorite soup these days because it’s savory with a little bit of sweetness, and it’s super easy to make. I serve mine with little quinoa patties. YUM.

I stumbled onto this account on Insta and liked the simple soup ideas. I riffed on the apple and carrot soup recipe below (scroll through to see it)!

3. Wat،g watercolor painting videos

They’re so soothing! This one is one of my favorites.

4. Going for long walks in the fog

I used to live in the Richmond neighbor،od in San Francisco, which is close to the beach and notorious for the heavy fog, even in the summer. Dude, it was so misty and foggy ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME. I felt that chill deep in my ، ،s for years. I didn’t really love it, but occasionally I enjoyed walking around in the thick mist.

Anyw،, where I live now in Marin is only occasionally foggy, so I don’t get to walk around in it often. Earlier this week, t،ugh, the fog was thick, and it didn’t burn off until the afternoon. I took a long walk in the early ،urs and hauled my ، up and down a bunch of hills… It was beautiful to see the mist moving through the trees, and the cool air felt invigorating.

All the fall colors seemed that much more saturated, too. So pretty.

5. Teena Marie’s song, “Square Biz”

This one’s a ،er! Blast it in your car ASAP.

What’ve you been loving lately?

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,


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