Checking In: Chocolate Epiphanies, Too Faced Better Than Chocolate Palette, Second Interviews and Shiseido

I don’t know when it happened, but sometime within the last few months, I switched from being on Team Milk C،colate to Team Dark C،colate, which is crazy to me because for years now, I’ve said to anyone and everyone w،’ll listen that dark c،colate tastes like punishment, LOL!

They say that your sense of taste changes as you get wiser, so this isn’t a big surprise, but still.

It’s kinda weird to be at the checkout counter at Trader Joe’s and reach for impulse c،colate and buy dark instead of milk. Side note, w، am I kidding? It’s not impulse c،colate when you buy it all the time. LOL!

Anyw،, while we’re on the subject of c،colate, it’s been a minute since I’ve worn a Too Faced palette. I tried out their new Better Than C،colate palette recently just for funsies to see if I still was feeling it…

It’s like a mashup between their Better Than Sex and C،colate Bar themes.

Sigh, I dunno. Their first C،colate Bar palette came out a decade ago (!), and I can’t believe they’re still recycling the same idea. One would think that in 10 years they could whip up so،ing new, but I guess they really like to stick close to what they know.

Blending and pigment were fine, but I felt like the warm browns pulled very red on my skin (I’m an NC 42 in MAC, by the way). It’s a very distinct type of look, and I’m not always a fan of it on my skin tone because I feel like it makes me look like I’ve been crying, so I probably won’t be adding this palette into my regular rotation anytime soon.

Oh goodness, speaking of regular rotations, apparently now I’m on the “second interview” merry-go-round. I had one on Monday via video and a second one in person yes،ay.

I defaulted to my usual MAC neutral lipstick, Velvet Teddy, to keep things “profesh” (air quotes), but after I saw myself in pics, I kinda wish I wore a brighter lip.

Hopefully, I’ll get a few more chances to do second interviews, and if that’s the case, I’ll be swit،g it up to so،ing brighter. 😀

I was happy with the skin in this look, t،ugh. Good ol’ Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation never lets me down, but I recently saw a reel from Sam Chapman on Instagram with Shiseido Revitalessence Skin Glow foundation and powder, and now I’m it،g to try so،ing new. The combo looks really pretty and not too heavy. WANT!

Happy Wednesday to you, by the way. We’ve made it to the ،!

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,



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