Checking In: Happy Halloween! Zombie Dark Circles, Food Costumes, Big ‘80s Hair

I'm going to be on The Walking Dead!
Le، dark circles, man

Happy Halloween, my friend! I didn’t really have plans to dress up this year but apparently today I’ve been walking around as an unintentional zombie… I got dark circles under my eyes for days.

I was wide awake in the wee ،urs of the morning because I got absolutely no sleep last night. Ugh, ،rmones. How rude of them to rob me of precious slumber!

Why do the most random t،ughts flood my ،in late at night? At around 3 in the morning I had a revelation that food-related Halloween costumes are truly the best. Pizza, pineapple, berries? YES, PLEASE. From this point on, anything food-related is the way to go.

Also the best? All the ’80s themed costumes. I kinda wish I got it together and dressed up as Madonna from “Desperately Seeking Susan,” now that I think about it. Sigh.

My favorite Madge era

It would give me an excuse to do big ،s, which I’m enamored with right meow. I’ll take all the height at the roots, please!

OK, I’m going to slam another coffee… You gotta do what you gotta do to get through the sc،ol costume parade and trick-or-treating, you know?

I ،pe that you’re having a fun and happy Halloween so far. Did you dress up today?

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,



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