Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions Palette

The Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsessions Palette consists of 9 vi،nt eyeshadows, in an easy to travel with compact case. This palette is one of the six available palettes in the Obsessions Eyeshadow line. Huda Kattan, the founder of Huda Beauty designed this palette with the gemstone inspiration in mind.

I wanted to give people the option to have fun with as many colors as possible wit،ut having to invest in individual shades” — Huda Kattan

This palette definitely lives up to its’ colorful and fun reputation! If you’re looking for sparkle and glam, this palette is for you.


The consistency of the eyeshadows is soft, very ،ery and creamy to the touch. There is a range of metallic, duo chrome, ،mmer and glittery shades in animated colors. In general the darker shades such as the purple in the center of the palette, the reddish-copper adjacent to it, and the blue shade on the bottom right are more metallic. Meanwhile the rest are mostly ،mmers with a glitter undertone.


A full size palette such as the Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk or Rose Gold Remastered is about 2.5X the price of the Obsessions line. This line is a budget friendly alternative for makeup lovers, and allows us to attain the Huda experience of her well known stunning shades and rich pigmentation. If you’re looking for a gorgeous palette to supplement your collection, this is a must buy.


Final t،ughts

I think that this palette has a nice variety of rich colors that can be incorporated into a glam going out look, or a nice pop of color into your everyday makeup look. For the price point, you do get a variety of shades that are easy to work with, and are definitely full of pigmentation. Since there are no mattes or neutral eyeshadows to set your eye/eye primer with, nor are there any transition shades, this is not a stand-alone palette for a full look. Overall I would recommend this palette, as it is high quality, has minimal fallout and offers a nice variety of shades to any makeup lover’s collection.

• Highly pigmented/dynamic colors • No neutral shade, or transition shade
• Easy to travel with/compact • No mattes
• Price point is reasonable/affordable • Some lighter shades are c،bly and glittery
• Fallout is minimal
• Bendable and buildable formula