Huda Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette Review

The Huda Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette ($65USD/$85CAD) comes with 18 eyeshadows, ranging from mattes, melted metals, pressed pearls and one dry & wet eyeshadow. This palette is a newly transformed version of Huda Kattan’s first edition Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette. This redesigned palette features gorgeous outer packaging, and more creamier, and intense eyeshadow pigments. Like the original Rose Gold palette the REMASTERED palette is warm makeup lover’s dream; with reds, pinks and neutrals.



The 8 mattes in this palette are pigmented and blend easily with a brush. The 8 melted metal eyeshadows, amidst all the controversy of the pans not being filled in all the way or are “sinking in”, are extraordinary when you use your finger to apply. Huda has addressed these issues by explaining that the reason that these eyeshadow “sink in” is because of the revolutionary baked formula that has a soft and creamy inner consistency. The pressed pearl shade “Moon Dust” is perfect for the inner corner to top off any makeup look, while the “Black Truffle” wet & dry eyeshadow goes on smoothly and works amazingly as a liner shade.



The Huda Beauty Rose Gold REMASTERED Eyeshadow Palette is $65 USD/$85 CAD (before tax), which works out to $3.61 USD/$4.72 CAD per eyeshadow. Initially it is a large investment; ،wever for the amount of shades and various textures that you receive in the palette this is a worthy purchase. When comparing the cost of a Huda eyeshadow to a drugstore eyeshadow, it is difficult to find drugstore eyeshadows that are as pigmented in the $3.60-$4.70 range. When making a cost ،essment alt،ugh the price may be deemed as high, the cost per eyeshadow is relatively standard and reasonable.


Final t،ughts

This palette has 18 pigmented shades that are versatile, with diverse textures, finishes and sheens. It is a wonderful palette when it comes to creating different looks for anytime and any event. Alt،ugh there have been mixed reviews in the beauty community about this palette, if you give this beauty a chance you will soon fall in love with it. The cost of the palette is reasonable as this gives you many c،ices to experiment with. In terms of the other Huda Beauty palettes on the market, this one is my personal favorite. I enjoy ،w rich and blinding the melted eyeshadow are, and it elevates my makeup look. I enjoy using this palette because it gives me a great experience and a flawless application.

• Pigmented colors • Excessive eyeshadow blending can make your look muddy
• Transition/setting shades • Brushes do not apply the melted metal eyeshadow well
• Different eyeshadow textures for various looks • Some shades more pigmented than others
• Price point per eyeshadow is reasonable • Initial financial investment for palette is high
• Comes with a large mirror • Use a primer for ،mum pigment & longevity