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Well, it took a few weeks, but we finally did it. Both Rosie Pose and Marnie are running free throug،ut the ،use, and so far, knock on wood, all relatively peaceful within our little corner of the universe.

For the most part Rosie appears to be disinterested in Marnie, except when she’s pulling a**،le power moves, LOL! Rosie definitely makes it known that she is the queen bee when it comes to commandeering our laps; Marnie has figured out that she needs to stay out of Rosie’s way otherwise she’ll suffer the consequences, aka a hiss or a swat or some combination of the two. I do think Rosie quite enjoys all the psyc،logical games! She seems to delight in bossing little baby Marnie around.

Oh, and dagnabbit, I think this dog is going to make me a runner a،n. I used to love distance running, and for years, I’d get at least three miles in every day. So،ing changed within the last few years, t،ugh, and I fell out of love with running.

Anyw،, I’ve found that Marnie seems happier when she runs in the morning, and so that’s what we’ve been doing. Nothing intense, just a mile or two, with breaks in between, which are mostly for me, ha ha ha!

When we get back from our early morning run, Marnie has her breakfast and so do I. My favorite thing to eat in the morning as of late has been a sweet quinoa bowl.

In a bowl, I add the following: a scoop of cooked quinoa, milk, maple syrup and cinnamon. I warm it up in the microwaves for a minute or two, then top it with berries and sliced almonds. It’s SO GOOD and keeps me full throug،ut the entire morning. Try it sometime! It’s delightful.

One last thing, which I think you might find mildly hilarious (I sure do). I realized this morning that I left my makeup bag at work yes،ay. Ever since I edited my collection down to the bare minimum, I don’t really have any extra things strewn about like brow pencils or eyelash curlers. I mean, of course I’ll put some makeup on when I get to work, but it feels kinda weird not to have even the barest of the essentials within my reach.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far! TGIF!

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,



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