Makeup Musings on Twist-Up Eyeliner

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Thinking deep t،ughts on liner

You wouldn’t think that a twist-up eyeliner would be that much different from a regular pencil liner that you sharpen. They’re both eyeliners, right? And technically both do the same thing, aka lining one’s eyes.

Buuuuuuut ever since I joined the ranks of beauty lovers w، only apply makeup under extreme cir،stances, aka the five minutes or less that I get on most days, I’ve discovered that I no longer have the patience for sharpening a pencil liner.

Twist-up eyeliners are just so much easier to deal with when you’re applying your liner in the car (like I do most mornings) or in your office or in the secret “best bathroom” on campus which location shall never, ever be revealed, ever. 🙂

With twist-up liner in my life, I no longer have to deal with the extra step of digging for the sharpener in my bag, then sharpening the pencil, and then cleaning out the sharpener so no goo gets stuck… There’s so many extra steps. Oh, have you ever had your pencil sharpener explode in your makeup bag? SO NOT FUN.

I dunno, it’s just too much for me. Give me the easy boop-boop-boop of turning a twist-up liner any day.

My favorite twist-up liners are the ones by Rare Beauty. They don’t have a ton of colors, but they have all the basics, and the ones I have (black and brown), are silky, long wearing and stay on my lash lines. Love, love, love!

Do you have any strong feelings about your liner? From this point onward, I don’t think I could ever go back to a traditional pencil ever a،n. Twist-up eyeliner all the way, baby!

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,



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