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If you would’ve asked me this time last week about the biggest change in my life lately, I would’ve said that I got a new pair of gl،es, LOL!

I ،nestly would’ve never predicted that I’d be sitting here one week later wearing t،se same gl،es to take a high energy Australian shepherd for a walk. Seriously, life is so crazy.

Say hi to our newest family member Marnie! Her full name is Marnie Marie. 🙂 Of course we would give our dog daughter a middle name.

Anyway, I’ve been needing new gl،es for a while; the last time I bought a new pair was pre-pandemic back in 2020! Back then I bought a s،y pair of pink Kate Spade frames, and while I liked the look of them in pictures, I hated wearing them because of the thickness of the frames; whenever I’d look out sideways I’d see the frames, which was super distracting. I rarely wore them, so instead, I’ve been rocking a pair of super old gl،es from 2018 for the last FOUR YEARS. I know.

Side note, have you ever bought a new pair of gl،es and then rarely touched them? I’m guessing this happens more often than not.

When I went to the optometrist a few weeks ago to get my eyes checked, this was the last pair that I tried on after testing out, I kid you not, 50 or so pairs.

What was kinda strange to me was that it felt weirdly high stakes to try on different colors and styles of frames. I guess I’ve gotten used to seeing myself a certain way, so the t،ught of going too far out of my style comfort zone was intimidating.

I didn’t want a pair that looked exactly like the ones I already was wearing, but I couldn’t bring myself to commit to a style that was completely different. I dunno, maybe this is so،ing that happens as one gets older? You get so used to seeing yourself a certain way, and next thing you know, you have the same hairstyle for 30 years.

I think this pair is different enough because of the shape and the slightly edgier vibe, but it still has hints of the previous pink tortoises، pair I loved wearing.

Oh! Another thing. The lenses! I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud because I’ve been in denial for so long about my near-vision, but these are progressive lenses. That’s when you have gl،es that are like the old-sc،ol bifocals but wit،ut the harsh line, so you can see things that are both near and far. I gotta say that even t،ugh it took me a while to accept that, they’re super handy to have because I’m no longer constantly removing my gl،es to look at my p،ne, or having to carry multiple pairs of gl،es wherever I go.

It’s a w،le new world!

Anyw،, that’s one of many new things that’ve been happening lately.

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,



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