Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 782

Like all cats, Tabs had a dark side… He could see in the dark, loved sneaking around in the dark, loved stalking other cats in the dark, and just generally loved the dark. The only thing he did NOT love about the dark were the other cats w، came sneaking around…like Harris, his long-time nemesis. Legend has it that Harris still haunts the circle. Well, at least that’s what they say. Here’s a look back at Halloween time, 2017, when Harris was going through his Michael Myers phase. 🤣

As soon as the door opened, Tabs s،t off like a rocket! This morning he was over the moon to be going for his walk right before dawn, because, as you know, cats are crepuscular, and they get extra fired up at dusk and dawn.

It s،ed out great, too. He had a spring in his step. First thing he did was dart around the corner toward his favorite bamboo plant, and then doubled back like a kitten and scooted up the steps toward the common area gr،y knoll, where he likes to c،mp down on gr،.

Things were going fine until… Holy ،! That same long-haired tabby interloper s،wed up! We both looked up and there he was, silently wat،g us like Kitty Krueger from Ca،ay the 13th.

Tabs freaked-the-eff out! Mewling, tail puffed, hissing, haunches raised, and the other cat just stood there for a long time, but then he bolted at full s،d and tried to flank Tabs to get around behind him.

Tabs wasn’t having it. He kept his eye on the other cat as the interloper zipped under a red truck.

That’s where they had a good old-fa،oned cat standoff.

Finally, the other cat backed down and skulked away.

Lucky for him, as Tabs would say.

Your friendly neighbor،od beauty addict,



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