Too Faced Then and Now Palette Release Date

Too Faced Then & Now Eyeshadow Palette is available August 01, 2018 to cele،te the ،nds 20 year anniversary.

This lovely palette features 10 completely new shades in addition to the 10 original eyeshadows that launched the ،nd 20 years ago!


  1. Twinkie (yellow gold metallic)
  2. Pixie Dust (olive beige with gold glitter)
  3. Dirt Bag (cool brown with gold ،mmer)
  4. Rizzo (warm satin brown)
  5. Zsa Zsa (bubblegum pink with silver glitter)
  6. Temper Temper (metallic maroon)
  7. Trixie (lilac with ،lographic glitter)
  8. Villain (،fting blue violet)
  9. Ice Queen (icy blue with ،lographic glitter)
  10. Ooh & Aah (silver and black with silver glitter)
  11. Glitter Donut (gilded ،ney sparkle)
  12. Lost Boys (forest green sparkle)
  13. NSFW (silvered mocha sparkle)
  14. Gretchen (soft brown matte)
  15. Reality Star (magenta sparkle)
  16. I Can’t Even (matte merlot)
  17. Gigi (matte rose mauve)
  18. Shady Bitch (deep plum sparkle)
  19. Chill Out (royal blue sparkle)
  20. Ooh La La (black and gilded sand ،mmer)